PTO wood chipper reviews

PTO wood chippers are frequently used in rural areas, by farmers, or for large-scale landscaping projects on large plots of land.

Power take-off equipment attaches to a tractor and enables you to utilize the tractor in unique ways. A PTO wood chipper typically has powerful and heavy flywheels, which allow tractor to chip large amounts of wood quickly.

They usually feature a rolling feed, for safety and ease. The rolling feed prevents you from having to force wood into the machine. Tractors will require, for most chippers, a 16-HP engine in order to power wood chipper. Below are a few of the most highly rated PTO wood chippers.

NorTrac PTO Chipper – 5 1/2in. Capacity” by NorTrac

This PTO wood chipper by NorTrac chips a larger amount of wood than the Merry Mac model, and only a little less than the PGF model. Chipping wood and branches up to 5.5 inches in diameter, it has large, 75-pound, flywheels so that it may move through wood and debris easily. Its discharge chute is ideal for a wheelbarrow or trash receptacle. This model does not require much pruning, as it chips large amounts of wood easily and quickly.

Merry Mac PTO Chipper/Shredder – 3 1/2in. Capacity, Model# TPH-122M” by Merry Mac

This model chips up to 3.5 inches of wood, a little less than the NorTrac machine. However, it features 24 powerful and highly durable reversible, hardened steel hammers, which grind the chips more finely. It requires at least 540 RPM PTO speed and between 10 and 30-HP. It is able to handle all yard and garden uses, and even larger jobs. Meant for smaller-scale projects, this chipper is ideal for smaller spaces.

PGF PTO Wood Chipper – 6in. Capacity, Model# WCP600 [Misc.]” by PGF

This chipper is extremely durable and efficient for larger projects. Chipping wood up to 6 inches in diameter, it cuts wood that is thick, leaving little pruning work for you. Its drive system is 540 RPM, requires between 30 and and 50-HP, and features a category 4 PTO driveline, making this machine the most powerful and high scale on this list. The blower chute is adjustable for easy disposal.

All of these PTO wood chippers will work well for your needs, whether you need a smaller machine for lawn and garden use or a larger machine for land with a lot of debris and branches to clear. Each shredder allows for easy disposal, has sturdy flywheels, and cuts wood thick in diameter, making your work easier and safer. Though the PGF model is the most high-scale on the list and the Merry Mac model the most small-scale, all three machines are efficient, versatile choices.

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